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Pronto Fish Report for 8-29-2019
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Pronto does it again

Ernie Prieto

Captain David Yumori aboard the Pronto has done it again, great yellowfin tuna fishing on a 530am-5pm full day trip. He is returning with 50 yellowfin tuna and a yellowtail with the majority of the tuna 12-20lbs with a few standouts. The Pronto is a charter boat that carries up to 12 anglers on any local trip and 9 anglers on the overnight or longer trips, perfect for a family or a company wanting to treat a few clients. Check her out and other boats on the Oceanside Sea Center website.

The Blue Horizon has added 530am-5pm offshore trips and overnight trips this upcoming week. She will be fishing for Bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and dorado. You can check out her schedule by clicking here.